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I-Sense Group Company Limited

I-Sense Group Company Limited

I-Sense Group Company Limited was founded 2012’s, it has been taking a leading position in promotion gift industry in Hong Kong over the years.

Our head office is based in Hong Kong where we carry our international marketing and sales , product development , and maintain administrative and material support to our China Factories.

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We've working with over 100 Asian manufacturers , we source and negotiate over 500 new products every year. Not being tied to one manufacturer really benefits our clients.

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It is our expertise to source the highest quality goods at exceptional value on on-time (of course). We only build relationships with factories that comply
with quality conscious and cost effective.

Working with over 100 Asian manufacturers , we source and negotiate over 500 new products every year. Not being tied to one manufacturer really benefits
our clients. Firstly it means we can use the right supplier for the right product (sounds obvious but not everyone does it). Secondly , we can supply cost
effective multi-category sets that require no expensive reworking and offer consistent handwriting.


Quality Assurances

Quality control and assurances are the key to eliminating any form of risk. Our 3 step strategy is simple. We work with our suppliers on Social and Ethical conduct and thought most of our leaders and mentors who educate and coach our suppliers on the benefits of complying with the ETI base code. Quality is so important to us that we have our own team of certified auditors who visit the factories to assure standards. All orders are inspected during and after production before shipping out. We possess detailed knowledge and understanding of global product legislation. We provide full safety assurances and certifications for products , with relevant tests conducted in accredited laboratories. Premium quality is our benchmark. Nothing less will do.

Product Design and Development

Creativity is the art of the imagination. Our product development and graphic design teams dream up concepts and bring to life ideas inspired by visiting the world's trendiest shopping districts and cutting edge trade fairs. With this knowledge they stay one step ahead of the game and develop relevant new product ideas and concepts to fulfill your customers buying desires.

Logistical Management

Documentation and freighting arrangements are managed by our Hong Kong Shipping Team. We offer all delivery options , including ex-factory , local delivery. Pack facilities are also available in China , so goods can be consolidated from various factories to reduce freight costs. Our comprehensive infrastructure will ensure your goods are always delivered on time and in one piece.


Creating innovative

Product design and development is our passion , and what really sets us apart from our competitors.


Source .....

We source across a multitude of sectors

We have a far reaching network of suppliers , plus dedicated sourcing and merchandising teams on the ground in Hong Kong.
All the teams are busy working to ensure we build relationships with a variety of factories in order to deliver solutions cross a multitude of sectors. We source with an abundance of confidence
Not only do we use our extensive commercial knowledge to ensure we use the right factory for your product , but we work closely with them to ensure you are delivered ethically produced quality products. Every time at cost effective prices.

Deliver .....

We deliver an unprecedented

Delivery isn’t just about the end product arriving on time in the right destination ( although essential !)
With proactive Critical Path Management , knowledge of every aspect of the process , our own team of highly trained and experienced product technologists in Hong Kong.
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